Preschool FAQ’s

Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions for Preschool:
How old does my child need to be?




Students attending Ave Maria Catholic School Preschool must the three years old by October 1st to attend the three-year-old class and four years old by October 1st to attend the Junior Kindergarten class.


Does my child need to be toilet trained?


Yes. Students must be toilet trained by the first day of class.


What classes are offered for Preschool?



We offer the following options for Three-Year-olds:

  • Half day/or full day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Half day/or full day on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Half day/or full day Monday through Friday

We offer the following options for  Four-Year-Old Junior Kindergarten:

  • Half day mornings Monday through Friday
  • Full day Monday through Friday




What time do classes meet?



Ave Maria Catholic School is on a traditional academic school calendar. The students attend from mid-August through the end of May. Half day classes meet from 8:00 am through 11:40 am. Full day classes are from 8:00 am to 2:40 pm.


Do preschoolers wear uniforms?


For our three year old class, a uniform is not required. For our Junior Kindergarten, four year old class, a uniform is required.

Do students attend Mass regularly?

The three year olds do not attend Mass on a regular basis, however the Junior Kindergarten class does attend Mass based upon the readiness of the class.


What are the qualifications of your teachers?


All of our teachers meet or exceed state requirements for Group Leaders.


Do you have before and after school care?



Yes, for an additional cost,  Before Care is available from 7:00-8:00 a.m. and After Care is available from 2:40-5:30 p.m.



Is the Hot Lunch Program available to Preschool?



Yes, Ave Maria Catholic School partners with My Kid’s Lunch to provide a wide variety of tasty and wholesome lunches for our students and preschoolers who attend all-day programs.  More information is available upon request.

Do the preschoolers take a nap?


Yes. Students attending the full day class rest in the afternoon.