TRIP program information

(Tuition Reduction Incentive Program)

Who can participate?

All Ave Maria Catholic School families (Preschool – 8

What is the program?

It is a scrip (gift cards) purchasing program that earns rebates from your purchases that you can then apply

toward tuition or donate to school and parish programs such as the scholarship fund or the parish life center

capital campaign.

Where can you purchase the gift cards?

The program has two purchasing components:

1. Gift cards offered for a variety of vendors can be purchased at You can

browse a list of all gift card vendors at this website, too!

2. King Soopers re-loadable gift cards are available in the school office (cards come with $2.50 on them

and you re-load as necessary at any King Soopers store).

When does the program take place?

TRIP works on a calendar year. So, your participation from January 2015 – December 2015, for example, will

accumulate rebates that can be applied to your 2015/2016 tuition (applicable if you have a remaining tuition

balance at the time of rebate application in February 2016), 2016/2017 tuition, a donation to the scholarship

fund, a donation to the parish Shelter Our Shepherds campaign, or another donation to a school or parish

program that you wish to make.

When are rebates applied to tuition accounts or donation programs?

Rebates earned will be totaled for each family following the end of the program year and you will be notified

each February about your earned rebate total for the previous calendar year. Please note that an administrative

th grade)

fee of 5% of your earned REBATE total will be taken to cover shipping costs and other administrative supplies.

For example, if you make purchases totaling $100.00 in earned REBATES, you will be able to apply $95.00

toward your tuition or donation. All vendors have differing rebate amounts on gift card purchases. You can

locate rebate amounts on the website: King Soopers offers a 5% rebate for the re-
loadable cards that are part of our program.

SPECIAL NOTE: For those families that have only 8th grade students or families that will not be re-enrolling

their student(s) for the next school year, please note the following policy: If your current school year’s tuition is

paid in full at the time of rebate application you can choose to apply your earned rebates by donating to one of

the several worthwhile school or parish programs. No refunds will be issued to families that are not eligible to

apply rebates to tuition.

How do you get started?

 For King Soopers, you may purchase your re-loadable gift card in the school office for $2.50 per card.

Then simply re-load your gift card whenever necessary at any King Soopers store and pay with your gift

card. You can also purchase gas with these cards at King Soopers gas stations or Loaf ‘N Jug gas

 For gift cards through the online ordering system, create an account (if you haven’t already) by going to

o Go to the green Family Sign-up box on the left side of the page and click “Create account”.

o Enter our Ave Maria Catholic School enrollment code: 4CFAL65A21359, so that all of your

purchasing will be logged for credit with our school.

o Log-in to whenever you want to purchase cards. Typically, orders placed by

12:00 Noon on Mondays will be available in the school office or sent home with your child on

Thursday afternoons after 2:45 PM (please print and submit your delivery preference form from

the digital lockers in TeacherEase so we know where to send your order – one form per family

per year). Orders with no delivery preference form on file or unpaid orders will be held in the

school office. School breaks and summer will have different ordering and delivery schedules

that will be announced via email.

o Payments can be made by using PrestoPay (automatic deductions from your checking/savings

account plus a $0.15 processing fee per order) or by sending cash or check to the school office

with a printed copy of your order

Why should you participate?

Why not? You can purchase gift cards that you would use for your normal shopping and gift-giving AND earn

money that can go towards your tuition or worthwhile school and parish programs. It is a win-win opportunity!

Plus, you can even place orders for family members or friends on your account to increase your rebate potential.


Contact Kelli DeVito by email at